Frequently Asked Questions

What causes kidney failure or disease?
The most common cause of kidney disease in our community is diabetes and high blood pressure. However, many other medical conditions can cause kidney disease.
Can I get transplant?
Yes. Your doctor can determine if you are a transplant candidate. Your doctor can refer you to a transplant center. Generally, it is better to receive a kidney transplant than to go on dialysis.
What are some kidney failure symptoms?
Many patients do not experience many symptoms. Some patients may have nausea, vomiting, itching, difficulty concentrating, swelling of the legs, and shortness of breath.
Can you see me on short notice if I have an emergency?
Yes, we are in most cases able to work patients into the schedule on an urgent basis for emergencies. Depending on the situation, you may be referred to the ER.
Friendly staff at Fredericksburg Nephrology Associates, Inc.What can I do to make my kidneys better?
Controlling your blood pressure and blood sugars are a very good way to slow the progression of chronic kidney disease. Avoiding "NSAIDs" such as advil, ibuprofen, and aleve can also help your kidney disease from progressing.
What is procrit and why is procrit often needed in chronic kidney disease?
Procrit is a medicine that allows the hemoglobin, or red blood counts, to reach higher levels. This may make some patients feel better and prevent the need for blood transfusions. Procrit helps you from becoming anemic.
Can I do my dialysis at home?
Yes, our practice does offer home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Ask your doctor about these therapies.
What is an AV fistula?
An AV fistula is a connection between the artery and vein that is created by a surgeon. It allows the vein to get bigger so there is a way to do dialysis.
Where can I get more information on kidney failure?
Kidney FoundationsThe National Kidney Foundation has an excellent website with some outstanding patient resources.