Randy Gertner, M.D.

Dr. Randy Gertner, Nephrologist

Dr. Randy Gertner graduated Cornell University with a B.A. in mathematics, and graduated Penn State College of Medicine in 1998. Postgraduate training includes a residency at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and a fellowship at Emory University. While at Emory, he was selected to serve on the faculty in the Division of Nephrology, where his duties included attending physician on the consult service, interventional nephrology service, and basic science research. His research area involved studying certain parts of the kidney called “urea transporters.”

He has been presented with numerous honors and awards, including Southern Society for Clinical Investigation, Benson Leister Scholarship, and graduation with distinction in all subjects. Dr. Gertner, his wife, and two children have been in the Fredericksburg area since joining Fredericksburg Nephrology in June of 2004. He has provided charitable patient care to the community since 2004 by participating in the Moss Free Clinic


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